Social Media Dubai: Increase Consumer Participation

Social Media Dubai: Increase Consumer Participation


Consumer engagement is essential to all businesses and Social Media provides the best solution for it. Mobile life is becoming increasingly popular with 80 percent of the UAE residents using smart phones in 2013.

In given scenario the best practice to use social media for a business would be to use it like a personal communication tool. Your consumers do not want hear sales pitches from you all day. So businesses in Dubai should concentrate more on normal communication rather than a particular social media game plan.

Many business owners in Dubai believe that they do not find sufficient time to manage all social media accounts with their daily business activities. Although solution to this problem can be found by fixing some daily time to update your social accounts. The business owners must not obligate themselves with setting up business accounts for every other social networking platform out there, rather they should opt for the one best suited for their Business to consumer interaction needs.

If your business cannot afford to advertise on social media platforms than you must compensate is by regular interaction with your customers (talking and listening).

Regardless of what products or services your business offers in Dubai, knowledge of what content to publish on your social media accounts hold great importance.

Many businesses in Dubai are already finding social media accounts amazingly helpful in a way to rapidly answer any queries posted by their consumers, related to their business products or services.

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