Five Mistakes Businesses make using Social Media in Dubai

Five Mistakes Businesses make using Social Media in Dubai


As businesses in Dubai are recognizing the power of social media as a marketing tool, they are investing more and more time in using these social networking platforms to  empower interaction with their consumers. Although many of the businesses in Dubai are investing both time and money in Social Media Marketing but still not able to get the best out of their marketing strategy due these key mistakes:

Frequent Sales Statements

Most of the companies bombard their consumers with sales message on routine basis. This is one of the major reason of ruining your relationship with your consumer and making them least interested in your products and services. Businesses must listen to the customers first and than engage with them. Gaining the trust of your consumer should be your top most priority and you must not start pitching sales posts until attained their trust.

Converting social into direct marketing

It is a well know marketing rule that you can never build a consumer relationship with direct advertisement, emails, TV and newspaper ads. Many businesses in Dubai consider Social Media as direct marketing channel as this is the only advantage of social media theya re aware of.

No Brand Identity

People who mostly use social media networks have the tendency to socialize with other people through it. So if your brand has no human touch to it and it comprises of logos and products/services only than your brand would be the least to be noticed. You must put effort in making your brand more humane and it should reflect the natural reference of your public identity.

Financial Focus

If your social media presence is only focused on money than you might be risking  neglecting people. If you have no clue about your consumer or who they are than you are probably wasting all your efforts on social media.

 Negative Response to Consumers

Many businesses in Dubai try to avoid their consumer’s concerns and queries on social media by directing them to some form of contact page or customer support link. Businesses must learn to engage with their consumers on social media at a personalized relation building level and respond to their queries rather than redirecting them as social media is driven by engagement and engagement in turns earns you the respect of your consumer.

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